Oakley Assorted Sandpaper


General purpose assorted grits sandpaper.

Ideal for general purpose sanding by hand use or sanding machine on wood, paint, varnish or plaster.

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Oakley Assorted Sandpaper, is a general purpose paper. It contains fine, medium and coarse sheets.

Ideal for general purpose sanding by hand use or sanding machine on wood, paint, varnish or plaster.


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Homely at Hebden is all about breathing new life into beautiful, but forgotten, pieces of furniture. We love the quality of older pieces of furniture, along with its charm and the story it can tell. Using Chalk Paint®  paint by Annie Sloan allows people that own them to take a piece of history into their home and future. We have a mix of styles, including French Elegance, Rustic Country & Boho.

About Annie

Nobody is better qualified to invent and manufacture Chalk Paint®. Chalk Paint® was invented to achieve decorative effects.

A project could be finished in one day for Annie’s busy lifestyle as a working mother to three boys. Annie was making and using her own home made paint for many years whilst writing books and working restoring stately homes in the UK and Europe. In 1990 she partnered with a Belgian factory to produce and sell the paint on a large scale. It was revolutionary. Chalk Paint® became a global phenomenon and Annie now has over 1,700 Stockists. Chalk Paint® remains the brand with the expertise that you can trust.


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